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Free Online Math Games

Yes, there are fun math games - and you most likely know and love some of them already! Math games are games that are numbers and logic-based and include everything from Sudoku to Chess to Blackjack. With our free collection of math games online, you’ll sharpen your brain and enhance your math skills, all while having fun! Many of our games have the option to select your difficulty level, which means you're in the right spot for math games for kids and adults alike.

What makes a "Math Game?"

Generally, math games require players to use logic, reasoning, and other mathematical skills, such as risk assessment for Blackjack. Using risk assessment with games like Poker and Blackjack isn't the same thing as counting cards. Basically, risk assessment says that your odds of seeing multiple rounds where players get "Blackjack!" in a row are lower with each passing round. In fact, seeing more than two rounds where players get "Blackjack!" are just fractions of a percent. The odds of just winning two hands back to back period is around five percent.

Interactive math games, like card games and chess can allow students to learn probability safely and train their brains to a keen edge on our online math playground. Some fun games such as 2048 Legend use algebra to help build arithmetic pathways in our brains. In 2048 Legend, players must use their arrow keys (or swipe on iOS or Android tablets) to combine and spawn new number blocks until they are able to max out blocks at the number 2048 and achieve a high score.

2048 is among our best free math games. It's somewhat similar to Solitaire in the sense that the game ends when players are not able to move and combine any more blocks.

Other cool math games include Five Roll, MathDoku, and Blackjack. Playing Fun math games is a great way to sharpen your logic and reasoning skills as well as home in on the razor wit that you crave. Blackjack is a valuable tool in teaching people simple tasks such as learning to process basic addition and basic subtraction on the fly.

Come and practice your basic addition, arithmetic, and other math skills in our fun math games.

Sudoku For a Cause

Other interests may include keeping your cognitive reasoning skills and pattern recognition skills sharp. Playing online sudoku is a great way to ensure you're staying ahead of the curve. Each puzzle has only one possible set of correct answers. If there are any possible outcomes left over at the end of the puzzle, then you've come to the wrong solution.

Players commonly seek out sudoku puzzles as a means of unwinding and passing time in a productive, fun way. While not all hours can (or should) be productive time, keeping your brain sharp and having fun is a great middle ground. Make sure that each time you fill a square, you note the place value and update your other possible solutions.

Math Games Fun Facts

  • Before people were playing math games online, they were still playing math games on very different mediums thousands of years ago. For example, the Rhind papyrus, a famous document from Ancient Egypt, shows that early Egyptian mathematics were mostly based on puzzle-type problems.
  • One of the earliest mentions of Chess is by the Arabic mathematician Ibn Kallikan. In 1256, he posed the "wheat and chessboard problem," which was essentially a geometric progression puzzle.
  • A common misconception about Sudoku is that it is not a math game. While it is true that arithmetic is not required, deductive reasoning and algorithms are at the root of solving a Sudoku puzzle. So yes, we absolutely consider it a math game!
  • Blackjack, like many other casino games, requires a combination of luck and strategy. Where does the math come in, you ask? Blackjack is inherently a fun math game in that it encompasses things like probability, variance, and - in the case of card counting - plain old addition and subtraction. Of course, it can be as simple or complex as you make the end of the day, Blackjack is one of many fun math games on our site!